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Few things are as cozy as tucking your hands into a pair of warming woolen gloves on a chilly day? If you have also knitted them yourself, of course they are a little extra warm. Knitting mittens is fun and quick - it doesn't take long from inspiration to beautiful creations that attract attention.

The knitting book author and designer Maja Karlsson has this time created 35 woollens of different types, character and yarn thickness. The descriptions are for thumb mitts and square mitts (both with and without flip-top). Some are really simple variants and others are a bit more intricate in construction. Here, for example, there are mittens that are knitted from the top down!

When it comes to the patterns of the mittens, there is a great variety - traditional variants that flirt with our Swedish pattern treasure in the best way, but also completely new ones, for example with fine motifs from the world of animals and nature. Many of the mittens are knitted with two- or multi-colour knitting, and thus become a little thicker and warmer. But there are also solid-colored mittens with lace or braid knitting, for days that aren't quite so cold.

The descriptions and diagrams are clear and easy to follow, and at the end of the book there is also a technical section that shows in detail moments that require a little extra.

Take the time to enjoy the book's visuals – each project is presented with clear images, but there are also outstandingly beautiful environmental images that really spark inspiration and imagination.