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Isager is a company that has been creating knitting patterns and yarns in natural materials since 1977. The company's history begins with the designer Åse Lund Jensen, who laid the foundation for a workshop in 1960 where she started from Danish handicraft tradition and drew inspiration from Icelandic and Faroese knitting culture. Together with Henrichsen's wool spinner, she produced a collection of quality wool yarns. Two of the yarns she produced were Spinni and Jensen, which are still part of Isager's range.

Later, Åse Lund Jensen and Marianne Isager met and became friends. After Åse Lund Jensen's death, Marianne Isager took over the rights to use Åse Lund Jensen's designs and continue running her company.

Isager is located in the North Jutland village of Tversted.