Our philosophy

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Creating your own clothes is a craft that requires time and love. We believe in the slow fashion movement. We believe in choosing high quality yarns that create durable and loved garments that can be used for a long time.

We try to do the best we can, some things we avoid altogether but basically we believe in giving you options. We want organic alternatives in our assortment and alternatives to different yarn qualities. We want the animals to feel good and the most important tool we have here is traceability. We hope that the industry agrees on a standardized label for animal welfare and care. If you are missing something in our range or want to know more about how we reason, you are most welcome to get in touch.


No yarns are sold here where the animals have been exposed to mulesing. For all the yarns we sell, we check with the producer that mulesing does not occur.

Plastic minimized

Plastic is a substance that man has created because it has properties that nature has not created on its own. However, we cannot get away from the fact that plastic is a substance created from fossil substances, oil. Our wish is that the materials we wear come from sustainable and renewable sources. However, as I said, plastic has important properties and this is a balancing act. A yarn with plastic can help the garment last better and longer, and thus be used longer, which means that plastic can be justified.

We have buttons made of plastic, thin elastic thread made of plastic and glitter yarn that contains a certain amount of plastic. We also have a yarn that contains recycled denim fabrics where 5% of the material is classified as "Other", that is threads, labels and other things that can be stuck to the fabric which can be made of plastic.

We have also chosen to bring in Isager's sock yarn, which consists of 20% recycled nylon. Although this does not affect the microplastics that are released into nature, it is not newly produced plastic.

We don't have easy answers here, but we are working to find good alternatives to the plastic.

Superwash then?

It is a popular method of treating woolen yarn so that it can be machine washed. There are several different methods today, but regardless of which method is used, many of the wool's properties are removed and chemicals are used in the production. We believe in natural products and therefore opt out of superwash-treated yarns. If you want a yarn that can be washed in a machine, several of our yarns can be washed on the wool program in the washing machine. Remember not to fill the machine when washing wool, but as few garments as possible.

Recycled fibers

We see that more and more yarn producers are using recycled fibers and we think this is positive! Using fiber that has already been extracted reduces the environmental impact. In our range we have a yarn that consists of recycled denim fabrics and we are looking to expand our range of yarns that consist of recycled fibres. Here we continue to stick to our values ​​and therefore do not buy yarns that consist of a certain amount of recycled fibers and then new plastic materials.