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Welcome to us for crafters' meeting, yarn-AW and eventually courses.

In our large premises at Gamla Flygplatsvägen 24, we have plenty of space for you who want to work with your hands for a while and have a cup of coffee. Here you can book in to our handyman meetings, which we try to arrange on Tuesday mornings at 10-12, Thursday afternoons at 16-18:30 and Saturdays at 13-15. These meetings do not occur every week and we are happy to switch days, so let us know if you would like a time and we usually solve most of the problems.

On the first Friday of the month we have a small event that we call garn-aw (where aw stands for after work, but even you who have not worked that day are of course welcome). We set the tables, it's drop in to sit and work with hands for a while before the weekend. Treat yourself to a breather between Friday errands. We are ready from 2 pm and are here until 6 pm, so if you have a little time, you are most welcome.

Do you know someone, or maybe it's just you, who gives courses? Please get in touch and we will try to book as interesting an autumn as possible!

Warm welcome!