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Polished by the movements of the sea, washed up on the shores of the west coast and found by the jewelry designer Stina. Each piece of sea glass is unique and Stina creates these knitting markers with a feeling for its shape.

The stitch markers are available in several colors and in two models: openable and closed.

The openable stitch markers can also be used as stitch markers or to mark progression. In these, the sea glass hangs on a small ring which is then attached to an openable stick marker. You can easily wear the sea glass as a necklace or other jewelry.

The price is SEK 45 per knitting marker. When buying at least 5 knitting markers, they cost SEK 40 each. The discount is automatically added to the checkout.

Each knitting marker is handmade and unique. We have sorted them by color but sea glass comes in different sizes and shapes. If you want to see the knitting markers we currently have, please email info@lillagarnbutiken.se for more pictures.