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Seeknit's Tunisian crochet hooks are also available in a variant where you can replace the tip. These are perfect for larger projects, such as blankets. The weight from the work is not on the crochet hook itself, but on the cable, which is comfortable for shoulders and wrists.

Shirotake's crochet hooks are made of bamboo which weighs little and is durable. The surface is polished and waxed so that the mesh slides smoothly. The sizes are clear on the end crochet logs.

Please note that cables and end caps are not included. They need to be combined with cables and end caps in the right size.

  • M1.8 for sizes 2.00-3.25mm
  • M2 for sizes 3.50-5.00mm
  • M4 for the sizes sizes 5.50-10.00mm