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Seeknit's wonderful Koshitsu series end needles with interchangeable short tips. These tips in bamboo are only 5 cm and make it possible to knit socks, mittens and sleeves on a circular needle. The smallest possible circular needle is 23 cm long.

Remember to hold the stick so you don't bend the cable with your hand. You get the best knitting comfort with longer knitting needles, for example those that are 14 cm long.

The set contains the sizes 2½-3-3½-4-4½-5 mm

Length of the cables: 13-20-25-30 cm with both M1.8 and M2 mounts, a total of 8 cables.

All knitting needles are 5cm long and feature Seeknit's famous rotating coupling joint which allows the cable to rotate freely.

The case is available in three colors.