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In this booklet, we take you to Ytterbakke farm, beautifully situated between high mountains in Romsdalen. Here we have photographed a delicious collection of patterned classics in our Norwegian lamb wool yarn Fivel. The collection contains recipes for children, women and men.

Here you will find the popular Icelander in two versions; one that is knitted from below and one that is knitted from above. You will also find the beautiful Setesdal jumper with its traditional Norwegian pattern. On the page to the right, the sweater is shown for ladies and gentlemen. For the collection, we have also created two completely new models; Outer ski jumpers for children and women, and Ski jumpers for men. These have a more playful and modern expression, while at the same time they have a foot in the traditional. We call them Ytterbakkegenser for children and women, and Bakkegenser for men.

Have fun! We hope you find something to knit!