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This is a printed pattern in Swedish. The pattern is only sent if you buy at least 2 balls of yarn at the same time. We reserve the right to cancel orders that do not comply with this.

Penny Socks are knitted from the shaft down towards the toe. The socks are knitted with single rib (K1, P1) on the shaft and the top of the foot, and stockinette stitch on the bottom of the foot. Penny Socks are long and meant to sit loose and pulled down around the ankles.

Size guide

Penny Socks are knitted with the same number of stitches in the shaft in sizes 35-40. In sizes 41-44, there are more mi shafts. If you have large feet (eg size 44) but narrow calves and slender feet, you can knit for size 39/40 and only lengthen the foot. If, on the other hand, you have small feet (e.g. size 36) but wide calves and wide feet, you can knit for size 41/42 and knit the socks shorter in the foot.

Sizes: 35/36 (37/38) 39/40 (41/42) 43/44

Stick strength: 30 stitches x 40 rounds in stocking stitch on needles 2.5 mm = 10 x 10 cm

Knitting suggestions: Double pointed needles 2.5 mm (or a 2.5 mm circular needle (60 or 80 cm), if knitting with Magic Loop technique)

Material: 150 (150) 150 (150) 200 g Sock Yarn from Isager or 2-thread old series from Rauma

Difficulty : ★ ★  (3 out of 5).