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Breeze Bag is knitted from the bottom up. The bottom is flat and is knitted on double pointed needles, while the sides of the bag are knitted in a hole pattern on a circular needle. At the top, the bag is divided into two parts and each part is finished knitting separately. Finally, stitches are picked up along the bag's edges and a double-knit edge is knitted that continues over into the bag's handle. The handle and edges are thus a continuous piece where a herringbone band is finally inserted into the cavity as a reinforcement.

Sizes: One size

Circumference: 64 cm

Height: 38 cm (without handle)

Knitting strength: 25 stitches x 32 rounds in a hole pattern on needles 4 mm = 10 x 10 cm

Knitting suggestions: Circular needle 4 mm (60 cm), circular needle 3 mm (60 cm), double pointed needles 3.5 mm and possibly 3 mm

Material: 150 g Trio 2 from Isager Yarn (50 g = 175 m) or Hør Organic from Isager Yarn (50 g = 178 m) are knitted together with 100 g Merilin from Isager Yarn (50 g = 208 m), approx. 175 cm herringbone strap (2 cm wide) to insert into the handle

The pattern is produced as part of Isager Breeze.

Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ★ (4 of 5)

Herringbone straps are available here .

The white Breeze Bag is knitted in Trio 2 from Isager in the color Linen together with Merilin from Isager in color 0.