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This is a printed pattern in Swedish. The pattern is only sent if you buy at least 2 balls of yarn at the same time. We reserve the right to cancel orders that do not comply with this.

November Balaclava is knitted from top to bottom in half patent. First, a square is knitted that forms the top of the head. Then stitches are picked up on each side of this square, and the balaclava is knitted straight down, to finally be brought together under the chin and knitted in the round. This is by picking up stitches under the chin. Finally, an elastic edging is knitted around the face opening.

The balaclava has a feminine fit, as it covers the ears but without going so far into the face. Note that the measurements apply after washing and that you should wash the balaclava before use, as semi-patent stretches when washed.

Knit a test patch to find the stitch size that gives you the right stitch strength. Wash the test strip before measuring the stick strength.

Sizes: S/M (L/XL)

Fits head circumference: 54-58 (58-61) cm

Width of hood: 18 (20) cm (measured when the hood lies flat on its side)

Stick strength: 16 stitches x 36 rounds in double crochet on needles 4.5 mm = 10 x 10 cm before washing corresponds to 14 stitches x 36 rows in double crochet on needles 4.5 mm = 10 x 10 cm after washing because semi-patent stretches with washing/use.

(note that 36 double crochets count as 18 knit stitches in height)

Knitting suggestions: Circular needle 4.5 mm (40 cm and 60 cm)

Material: 100 (100) g Lama wool from CaMaRose (50 g = 100 m)or Peruvian Highland Wool from Filcolana (50 g = 100 m) or Peer Gynt from Sandnes Garn (50 g = 91 m) knit together with 25 (25) g Silk Mohair from Isager Yarn (25 g = 212 m) or Thin Silk Mohair from Sandnes Garn (25 g = 212 m) or Tilia from Filcolana (25 g = 212 m).

Difficulty : ★ ★  (3 out of 5).

The blue November Balaclava in the picture is knitted in Peruvian Highland Wool (Navy 145) and Tilia (Navy 145) from Filcolana.

The beige November Balaclava is knitted in Peer Gynt (Light beige heather 3021) and Thin Silk Mohair ( Light Beige 3021) from Sandnes Garn