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Circular knitting is made effortless with the interchangeable needle tip sets from the KnitPro Mindful collection . Knitting as a mindfulness practice is a central concept in this collection. Focusing on the rhythmic, repetitive motion of the knitting needles has a calming effect and is stress-reducing. This has a healthy effect on body and mind.

The complete interchangeable needle tip sets in this collection feature durable stainless steel needle tips in combination with cables with the 360° Swivel system and all the necessary accessories. The gradually tapered tips and the smooth finish of the needle tips allow for a pleasant knitting experience. In addition to the size, each needle tip features on its surface some inspirational words that keep you focused on the moment. The steel cables have a nylon coating. This makes the cable sturdy, while still allowing it to slide effortlessly through the stitches. The 360° Swivel system of the cables allows the needle tips to rotate freely, without the cables kinking or twisting. The cables can be attached to needle tips thanks to a perfectly fitting cable key. The holes for the cable key can also be used as a lifeline to retrieve dropped stitches, for instance.

The KnitPro Mindful Believe set includes the following:

  • 7 x pairs of 13cm needle tips in sizes 3.00, 3.50, 4.00, 4.50, 5.00, 5.50 and 6.00mm
  • 3 x cables with 360° Swivel system (1 x 60cm, 1 x 80cm and 1 x 100cm total length including needle tips)
  • 4 x end caps
  • 2 x cable keys
  • 1 x pair of cable connectors
  • 1 x needle gauge
  • 2 x darning needles
  • 10 x locking stitch markers
  • 10 x split stitch markers
  • 30 x round stitch markers
  • The needle tips are supplied in a rectangular fabric pouch that closes with a zipper. On the inside of the case, the needle sizes are clearly marked on the different compartments, so that the needles can be neatly stored. The accessories can be stored in the separate small zippered pouch. The teal-coloured accents and the mandala symbol in the cases and accessories are characteristic of the KnitPro Mindful collection.