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ISAGER TVINNI consists of the finest wool. The fibers are long, which gives a soft yarn with a crunchy feel. The yarn has a long shelf life and was developed by Marianne Isager in collaboration with Skive Uldspinderi.

The yarn is a two-strand yarn that is suitable for plain knitting on a circular needle, and with its light weight, the yarn is suitable both alone and together with other yarn qualities.

The yarn is delivered to the shop in compound skeins of 2x50 grams. They are thus already divided but lie together. This allows you to get 100 gram skeins made up of two 50 gram skeins and/or 50 gram skeins depending on the quantity you order. They are ordered in 50-gram bundles and the price refers to 50 grams.

  • Material: 100% merino wool (muesling-free)
  • Suggested knitting: 3 mm
  • Gauge: approx. 26 m / 30 v
  • Weight / length: 50 grams = approx. 255 meters.
  • The yarn is spun and dyed in Denmark
  • The work should be washed by hand with wool detergent and then dried flat.