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This is a book in Danish.

HANDCRAFT was created in a collaboration between Helga Jóna Thórunnarsdóttir and Helga Isager.

This knitting book contains a basic pattern for finger mittens and a basic pattern for mittens, as well as a multitude of different edges and patterns. The techniques are nicely illustrated with drawings by Japanese Toshiko Koikegami.

The book is 112 pages.
Language: Danish

Helga Jóna and Helga write in the foreword to the book:
"The idea for 'Handcraft' grew out of our shared passion for techniques and details. We have taught together for several years and have the same thorough approach to the craft. A pattern can often be improved, so the stitches will turn just right, or maybe a couple of stitches should be knitted up to get perfect edges. Perhaps we are the only ones who see it, but it is the joy of creating a piece of finished craftsmanship that drives us both in our work and makes the sweater or scarf be used for years.
We had wanted to make a book where we could collect some of the techniques and patterns we like the most and found out that it was not practical to knit mittens and gloves, because you can get through a lot on a small piece of knitting techniques.”