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ISAGER HIGHLAND is spun from sheep's wool from Peru. The yarn is characterized by its colors, which are a mixture of several shades in which the wool is dyed before it is spun. Highland is not as tightly spun as, for example, Tvinni and is therefore perceived by many as softer. You can replace both Tvinni and Alpaca 2 with Highland. In terms of softness and durability, the yarn lies between these two options. Highland is well suited for pattern knitting and does not twist if you knit around. Highland is really nice when knitted alone and together with other qualities.

  • 100% wool
  • Weight / length: 50 g = 270m
  • The yarn is dyed and spun in Peru


    Highland on needles 3 = 26 sts / 30 rows
    Highland + Alpaca 1 on needles 3 = 24 sts / 28 p
    Highland + Alpaca 2 on needles 3.5 = 20 sts / 26 p
    Highland + Silk Mohair on needles 4 = 18 sts / 24 rows