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Please note that the pattern is only sent if you order at least two balls of yarn at the same time. Orders that do not meet this requirement will be cancelled.

This is a printed pattern in Swedish.

Asta - a simple scarf in patent knitting (Brioche) with fine edges. A good pattern to try and practice the technique.
Excellent opportunity to use leftover yarn, for each stripe you need about 5 grams of silk mohair.

SIZE: About 21 x 222 cm (each stripe measures about 13 cm).

MESH DENSITY: 20 stitches & 38 rows (19 visible patent rows) = 10 cm in patent knitting with yarn A and B.
The stitch density is not critical in this project, but different stitch density will affect both the yarn consumption and the finished scarf's measurements.

YARN: Asta is knitted throughout with two threads – a thread of thin wool yarn that follows all the way (yarn A) and a thread of silk mohair that is replaced at regular intervals and forms stripes (yarn B1–B5). Detailed info on yarn consumption can be found below.

SPLINTERS: 4 mm circular needle (any length) or jumper needles.

ACCESSORIES: Darning needle.

Yarn A:
Alternative 1: Isager Alpaca 2 (50% wool, 50% alpaca), 250m/50g, color 0, white: 3 skeins (approx. 130g).
Alt: 2: Sandnes Sunday (100% merino wool), 235m/50g, color 1015, kit: 3 skeins (approx. 140g).
Yarn A goes with the entire scarf throughout, please choose a light and neutral color to let the mohair stripes show.
A thin and soft yarn in wool or wool blend is recommended.

Yarn B1–B5:
The scarf in the pictures is knitted with 5 colors of silk mohair, which is repeated according to the color scheme of the pattern.
B1: Gepard Kid Seta (70% kid mohair, 30% silk), 210m/25g, color 1009, blue:
1 ball (about 15g).
B2: Filcolana Tilia (70% kid mohair, 30% silk), 210m/25g, color 321, pink:
1 ball (approx. 20g).
B3: Isager Silk Mohair (75% kid mohair, 25% silk), 212m/25g, color 69, brown: 1 skein (approx. 20g).
B4: Isager Silk Mohair (75% kid mohair, 25% silk), 212m/25g, color 3S, grey:
1 ball (approx. 20g).
B5: Filcolana Tilia (70% kid mohair, 30% silk), 210m/25g, color 136, yellow:
1 ball (about 10g).

Each stripe requires about 5 grams of yarn B. Feel free to use leftover yarn.