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Sandnes - Booklet 2212 Thin Peer Gynt

90 SEK

Detta är ett mönsterhäfte från Sandnes. Vi skickar endast mönstret om du samtidigt handlar minst 4 nystan garn från Sandnes som ingår i mönsterhäftet. Vi förbehåller oss rätten att annullera ordrar som inte uppfyller detta.


Finally, Sandne's collection for the new yarn Tynn Peer Gynt is here!

Kelly has become a big favourite, and now you can knit it with or without a companion thread for women and children. For men, it is available to knit without a guide thread. You can choose to knit this design from the bottom up or from the top down. There is description for both. Zoe Zipper Sweater and Zoe Zipper Neck, are designed with a companion thread and are knitted from the top down. So useful and you want one in every color. And you - you choose for yourself whether you want to use Alpakka Twine, or Thin Silk Mohair as twine - the expression will be quite different from each other. Fun with several different options.

Please note that you must purchase at least 4 skeins of yarn included in the booklet in order to purchase it. We reserve the right to cancel words that do not meet this requirement.