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Gepard - Kid Seta

115 SEK

Kid Seta is an incredibly soft and exclusive silkmohair yarn.

Kid Seta is a yarn consisting of silk and mohair. With 30% silk that gives luster and softness and 70% mohair that puffs up, this yarn is excellent for knitting alone, with several threads or together with other yarn qualities.

Gepard writes that animals, people and our planet are important parameters on which there is no compromise. The farms where the mohair goats live are owned by the spinning mill and the animals are doing well.

  • Material: 70% mohair and 30% silk
  • Gauge: 22-30 m/10 cm
  • Recommended knitting needles: 3-5.5 mm
  • Weight/length: 25 grams = 210 meters
  • The work should be washed by hand with detergent suitable for wool and silk, then dried flat.
About color rendering

We always do our utmost to ensure that the product images reproduce the colors correctly. However, monitors display colors differently, some may display them deeper and stronger while others brighter. We therefore cannot guarantee that the pictures show the exact color of the yarn. You can always email us at info@lillagarnbutiken.se if you want to see more pictures.

Wash and care

This yarn is best washed by hand with wool detergent, for example Eucalan. Leave the garment in a tub with about 4 liters of water together with a teaspoon of wool detergent. Then gently squeeze out the water and place the garment on a towel. Roll the towel with the garment and squeeze out the water.

If you have a washing machine that can run a spin-only program, you can use this instead of squeezing out the water in a towel. If you are unsure about your washing machine, we recommend that you knit a test patch that you wash and spin to see how the yarn and fabric behave.

Let the garment dry flat, preferably on a towel.