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Don't forget to buy yarn for your pattern if we are going to send it

Keep your pattern or diagram visible while you knit with this upright pattern holder. One side acts as a support and magnets ensure that the stand stands stable regardless of the angle you choose. Inside is a metallic disc that allows magnets to attach and hold your design. There are also pockets to store your papers.

In addition to the pattern holder, 4 round magnets are included which are covered with fermented plant fibers (PLA), 2 small round magnets where you can attach your tools (for example the tachometer), 3 strong rectangular magnets to hold other tools. Everything comes in a linen bag with instructions.

It is made of washable paper which, when washed, looks more and more like leather. Remove the metal and wash on a cold cycle at a low speed in the washing machine. Squeeze out water and wrinkle it while wet to create wrinkles and texture. Then shape the holder and allow to air dry.

Dimensions: 28 x 22 cm when folded

Color: Gray or brown