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Pima cotton's fibers are so long and fine that they must be hand-picked to avoid felting. The fibers have an almost silky sheen and produce a delicate and soft cotton yarn. Because the fibers of the pima cotton are so long, they do not have to be twisted so many times and this is the reason why the yarn continues to be soft over time. The extra long fibers are part of the group of cotton called ELS (Extra Long Staple). The long fibers on the cotton also increase the quality and mean that the cotton has a very good durability.

The pima cotton wool is extremely soft and is very suitable for babies, children and adults. It stays soft even after use and washes. It is important that you wash according to the banner so that it stays soft.

  • Material: 100% pima cotton
  • Indicative knitting strength 28-30 stitches and 40 turns
  • Recommended needles: 2.5-3 mm.
  • Weight / length: 50 grams = 200 meters.
  • The work should be machine washed with gentle detergent at 30-40 degrees and dried flat.