Lupin sweater

Lupine sweater

The sweater is knitted from top to bottom. The neckline is worked on at the end. The pattern on the shoulder piece is knitted according to the diagram, and afterwards the vendepinde is made on the back to raise the neck and shape the neckline. Raglan cuts are made before the yoke's stitches are divided into body and sleeves. The stitches for the sleeves are put on a thread and rest, while the body is knitted to the appropriate length. There is again a vendepinde on the back, but this time to form a longer back piece, before finishing with a rib and an Italian cut. Finally, the neckline is knitted, so that it matches the rib on the sleeves and at the bottom of the shirt.

Please note that Hanne Rimmen has not released the pattern in Swedish.

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