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Don't forget to buy yarn for your pattern if we are going to send it

This fall, Sandnes presents its DIY collection in two parts: vol I and vol II. This means that you get extra many opportunities to knit good garments for your wardrobe this season. The garments are designed with varying constructions and levels of difficulty.

Novasett is both nice and fun, and you can choose whether you want to knit it in Thin Peer Gynt or Tweed Recycled. The Romy Sweater is forever relevant with large squares. The Emy Clutch is easier to crochet than you think, you can crochet it in a weekend. Purple Collar livens up any jacket, and it's just as nice over a shirt as it is over a dress. The Bonnie Sweater Sunday Edition is a classic.

Please note that you must purchase at least 4 skeins of yarn included in the booklet in order to purchase it. We reserve the right to cancel words that do not meet this requirement.

Here you can read more about the patterns on Sandne's site.