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Don't forget to buy yarn for your pattern if we are going to send it

The Ivo tights with shoulder straps have room for soft baby bellies and thighs and at the same time have a good fit. If you knit a Loui sweater, you get the perfect half patent sweater that goes with most things. Knit it in Double Sunday or DUO. Levi Boots work just as well in the pram or in the nursery.

The smallest size fits the stroller perfectly. Luma full dress can be knitted in Double Sunday, with or without edges to fold over. Luma one-piece suit in Double Sunday, with or without edges that fold over to feet and hands.

Bino is a classic that we have found in the archive. So nice as a set, but the clothes are also nice individually. Arlo onesie and hat are knitted in Alpakka Silk or Sunday. Perfect for newborns but also suitable for slightly larger babies. The Colette dress is so pretty for little ones, and it's easier to knit than you think. It is also available for older children from the collection 2211 Soft for children. You can also make a sibling and mother match if you knit the Helle Slipover, which is in the same children's collection and for mother from the 2210 DIY collection.

We hope you will be inspired to knit soft garments for baby. Beautiful knitting!

Please note that you must purchase at least 4 skeins of yarn included in the booklet in order to purchase it. We reserve the right to cancel words that do not meet this requirement.