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Franky, Alpaca Silk Edition and Alpaca Silk & TSM Edition. We want to strike a blow so that knitwear fits all bodies. Therefore, we want to show you how the same design can look different in different sizes.

Franky is a design that suits many different body types. Many people do not think that a design can be nice in several different sizes, depending on the expression you want the design to have. If you are an S, you can easily knit the garment in M ​​or L, if you want a slightly more over-sized expression on the garment. If you are an L, it may happen that you want to knit in M, or S if you want a more close-fitting model.

We are all different and that is the beauty of knitting yourself, you can get the expression you want. In recent years, it has become very popular to knit from the top down. One of the reasons why many people like this is because you can try on the garment while you are knitting, so the body and sleeves are exactly how you want them. For those of you who wish to knit from below, there is a description of that as well. Franky is knitted in Alpaca Silk, there is a design with single thread and a design with Thin Silk Mohair as a companion thread. Many people think it will be smoother together with a companion thread, but choose what you think is best.

Difficulty: Medium. Beautiful knitting!

Please note that you must purchase at least 4 skeins of yarn included in the booklet in order to purchase the booklet. We will cancel words that do not meet this requirement.