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Sandnes - Booklet 2202 Soft for ladies

90 SEK

Detta är ett mönsterhäfte från Sandnes. Vi skickar endast mönstret om du samtidigt handlar minst 4 nystan garn från Sandnes som ingår i mönsterhäftet. Vi förbehåller oss rätten att annullera ordrar som inte uppfyller detta.


We have run out of stock for this item.

Sandne's wonderful collection of soft women's garments includes, among other things, two dresses, so if you have the knitting fitness for it, just start!

Cherry is available as both a sweater and a dress, where you can embroider a cherry or lemon if you want a personal touch on the garment.

It has been a little extra fun developing the Guernsey shirt. It is a classic way of combining patterns that has been used by fishermen around the English coast for generations. Amy slipover fits most clothes. Gia zipper sweater has also required several hours with the forehead in deep folds to arrive at the best technical solution, and now the result is very satisfying.

We love this collection! There is something here for those who want challenges and those who are beginners. Hope you get inspired. Happy knitting! /Sandnes

The booklet is in Swedish.

Please note that you must purchase at least 4 skeins of yarn included in the booklet in order to purchase it. We reserve the right to cancel words that do not meet this requirement.

Pattern in the booklet:

1. Snow clock socks

2. Amy sleepover

3. Gia zipper sweater

4. Lou sweater

5. Lou sweater

6. Guernsey sweater

7. Franky sweater

8. Franky sweater

9. Cherry skirt

10. Jolie sweater

11. Hazel skirt

12. Cherry sweater

13. Cherry sweater with stripes

14. Jules' sweater