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Finally, Sandne's collection in Double Sunday is here! Double Sunday is a quality Sandnes has launched together with Mette, PetiteKnit. It is a merino yarn with 108 m / 50 grams, which is not superwash treated. Nice to knit with one thread alone, and super nice together with one of our Silk Mohair qualities. In the Double Sunday collection you will find good basic garments for women, men and children in different techniques and constructions. With the exception of the hat, everything is knitted from the top down. It allows you to easily adjust the length of the sleeves and torso, so that it suits you best. Some are easy to knit, others a little more advanced. We hope you will be inspired by the collection, the yarn and the colors. Get into the Sunday feeling, enjoy a cup of coffee, knitting and feel the peace.

The booklet is available in Swedish and Norwegian.

Please note that you must purchase at least 4 skeins of Double Sunday in order to purchase the booklet. We reserve the right to cancel words that do not meet this requirement.

Please read the brochure here .

Pattern included in the booklet

  1. Noomi Jacket Double Sunday Edition
  2. Mia sweater Double Sunday Edition
  3. Haley sweater
  4. Herman sweater
  5. Hey man
  6. Sienna zip pullover
  7. Skipper hat
  8. Lynn's sweater Double Sunday Edition
  9. Billy's striped sweater
  10. Lynn's sweater
  11. Kelly sweater Double Sunday Edition
  12. Elle sweater Double Sunday Edition
  13. Alfred Rilegenser Double Sunday Edition