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Järbo - Say children

55 SEK 79 SEK

In Sägen, we take a step into the enchanted world of fairy tales and lose ourselves in myths and legends. Inspired by Nordic mysticism and nature, the collection offers warming garments for autumn walks and the opportunity for exciting needlework moments in the armchair during dark winter evenings.

The autumn collection from Järbo contains everything from braided knitting and folkloric patterns to stylish everyday garments. Rustic and clear structures in musty tones and natural colors that create an exciting interplay. Mohair and wool are the basis of the collection that takes you on an adventure you won't soon forget.

Järbo's autumn collection 2021 is divided into three pattern booklets. This is the third in the series, pattern booklet 12, and contains several fantastic patterns for children.

Pattern in the booklet:

  • Thin - children's sweater
  • Adventure - hood
  • Twist - children's tights
  • Kavring - children's cardigan
  • Kavring - children's slippers
  • Skogsglänta - children's overalls
  • Laura - children's dress
  • Dispute - kid gloves
  • Alvar - children's cap
  • Mickel - cap with ears