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This is a printed pattern in Swedish. The pattern is only sent if you buy at least 2 balls of yarn at the same time. We reserve the right to cancel orders that do not comply with this.

The Friday Sweater Mini is knitted top down in pearl elastic with raglan increases. The neck edge is knitted in elastic and knitted down. Sleeves and torso are finished with an elastic edge.

Knit a test piece before you start. Remember to wash the test patch before measuring the stitch strength - pearl elastic grows after washing.

Size guide

Friday Sweater Mini should have a range of motion ( positive ease) of approx. 10-13 cm in relation to the child's bust measurement. The measurements of the finished sweater are given on the front of the pattern. Before you start knitting, measure the child to determine which size fits best. If the child e.g. measures 63 cm around the chest, you should knit a size 5-6 years. A sweater in size 5-6 years has an excess width of 74 cm and in the mentioned example will give a range of motion ( positive ease ) of 11 cm.

Sizes: 1-2 (2-3) 3-4 (4-5) 5-6 (6-7) years

Measure: Overall width: 61 (64) 67 (70) 74 (77) cm

Length: 35 (37) 39 (40) 41 (43) cm

Sleeve length: 21 (22) 26 (27) 29 (30) cm

Stick strength: 28 stitches x 44 rows in pearl elastic on needles 3 mm = 10 x 10 cm after washing and blocking

Note that before washing, the knit strength is around 35 stitches per 10 cm

Knitting suggestions: Circular needle 3 mm (40 and 60 cm), circular needle 2.5 mm (40 or 60 cm), double pointed needles 2.5 mm and 3 mm (if not knitted with Magic Loop technique)

Material: 94 (103) 113 (124) 145 (149) g Sunday from Sandnes Yarn (50 g = 235 m) for the bottom color of the sweater (shown on the right in 1012 Whipped Cream) and 22 (25) 29 (34) 41 (44) g Sunday from Sandnes Yarn (50 g = 235 m) for the stripes of the sweater (picture shows 9882 Into The Woods). Note that the yarn consumption can vary by a couple of grams.

Difficulty : ★ ★  (3 out of 5).