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: Ekologisk sommarull 04 Ljusgrå

CaMaRose - Organic Every Day Wool (Økologisk Hverdagsuld)

45 SEK

Økologisk Hverdagsuld (Organic Every Day Wool) is processed and spun, exclusively for CaMaRose, from 100% organic fibers, at my European manufacturer, who, like my other manufacturers, produces with consideration for environment, animal welfare, health, working conditions, sustainability, and quality.

The 100% organic and new fibers are spun to a classic two-threaded off-white basic wool yarn. Subsequently, the yarn is coloured with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® approved colours for solid, unique colours made especially for CaMaRose.

The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification of Økologisk Hverdagsuld is your guarantee, that the yarn is produced under sustainable conditions and is tested and free for more than 300 substances, harmful to the environment and health. STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is the world’s leading certification within textiles, and the demands go far beyond the current standard rules in both Denmark and EU. You can find the certificate on the label and read more about STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® on www.okotex.dk.

Økologisk Hverdagsuld is a classic two-threaded wool yarn consisting of 100% clean new organic wool, with a length of 150 meters per 50 grams. The recommended gauge is 20 – 22 sts x 30 rows and the recommended needle sizes are 3.5 – 4 mm.

The fiber structure and construction of Økologisk Hverdagsuld, gives the yarn qualities like lightness and durability. These qualities make it particularly suitable for sweaters, cardigans, interior, hobby, weaving, felting and colouring.

The colour card is designed considering to the possibility to combine neutral, constrasting or similar hues, as well as mottle by knitting with two strands. The colour card is regularly extended in line with current trends, so it is always updated and inspiring for individual colour combinations.

Økologisk Hverdagsuld is, with its classic wool, structure, durability, and the fibers’ ability to absorb large amounts of moisture without feeling wet, an obvious choice for knitting sweaters, cardgans and mittens, that must be able to cope with the Nordic climate. With the colour card of Økologisk Hverdagsuld, the traditional Nordic designs can be knitted in a lot of beautiful colour combinations, right from the completely traditional to the more trend inspired.

Økologisk Hverdagsuld is a perfect yarn for interior such as blankets, because it stretches far and especially because the fibers of the yarn unfolds after washing, which gives a lot of volume per weight. This means, that you can knit or crochet even very big blankets and at the same time achieve a light and durable result. 

For utility items, where a dimensional stability and a great durability are preferred, Økologisk Hverdagsuld is a very good choice. If you crochet Økologisk Hverdagsuld tight and maybe with two strands for bigger things, you will notice, that it will not only retain its shape, but also show a great durability, while structures, bubbles for example, appear beautiful and clear, even after use.

Økologisk Hverdagsuld in the colour Råhvid 02 (off-white) is a suitable basic yarn for plant dyeing, if you want an organic yarn as starting point. Økologisk Hverdagsuld absorbs colours beautifully and even and is easy to handle in the colour pot after being wound to skeins and is hardy in the colouring process.

To get the full impression of the qualities and look of Økologisk Hverdagsuld I recommend working a swatch and wash it with a good wool detergent at max. 30°C at a delicate or wool program and lay the work flat to dry.

After washing you will experience the yarn to its full potential and that it has unfolded and given the knitwork extra volume and softness, without losing its classic look.

With Økologisk Hverdagsuld you will get all the advantages of the natural fibers combined with high quality, organics, environment, animal welfare, sustainability, and last but not least, a great satisfaction in the working process, where you handle the yarn for many hours of good needlework.
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