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Yarn bowls by Tammy

Tammy has created these amazing yarn bowls. They are quite large so that you have room for larger skeins, or several when multi-colour knitting. They have a heavy base so that they stand firmly and several also have a folded edge so that the skein remains in the bowl even when you pull the yarn.

All the bowls have slits where you thread the yarn, but they are open so you can always take your skeins with you if you want to take the knitting with you. Simply a yarn bowl that is made to be used while being insanely beautiful.

Tammy's yarn bowls can only be bought at Lilla garnbutiken and we are working on a shipping solution for these. For now, they are available in the physical store and if you are eager to buy one but don't live nearby, get in touch with us and we will hurry up a solution to get the yarn bowl to your door!

The yarn bowls come in slightly different sizes and designs, which is why there are two pricing options. Here are all the yarn bowls that were delivered in December, please note that not all bowls are guaranteed to be available. Get in touch if you are interested in any dish.

Yarn bowls that cost SEK 650:

Yarn bowls that cost SEK 790